Dec 28, 2008

Oh, How I Wish

Wish I could go back, way back and change everything from the start
to avoid the change and the pain and the hurt and the scar
because enduring one thing after another is something I can't get used to
it is hard to forget the face that is glued in your mind.
You try your hardest to erase it and say it never existed,
but it always will, you can't change it.

I wish the face could give me the time of day,
wish we could get past it.
We say we have, but we never will
All you wanted was me, and all I wanted was you
but, these settings change and you change
she changed you.

If you could see me today and tell me all the things
you have ever wanted to say, would you?
Because, I would listen to every single word.
I would know that every word would be true leaking
from your mouth as it passed through my ears.
And I would listen, listen so clearly I could hear my own thoughts
as well as yours.

I want to prove to you that I am worth your time,
and was worth it all along. But, I want you to
prove to me that you just want One, not One after another.
I am looking for closure, but that obviously cannot happen
as I hear of you, see you, blah blahh.
Wish I could grow up and forget,
but these things aren't easy to forget.
Friendships aren't easy to forget, This isn't easy to forget.

Someday, I hope you realize I didn't leave