Dec 3, 2010

Free Spirit, Evil Spirit

So here I am, got my hat on with my hair tucked in, away from my face. Friday night, almost midnight, alone. Thought, after thought, after thought. ..

All these faces over the years, they come and they go. I am dented with their impact. I am stronger with their scars they left me with. I am smarter with the lies they had told. I wish I was wise, I wish I had knowledge, but change keeps knockin' on my door, would you leave what you have now for something that sparkles and shines, with a little gold and silver, and your pennies would be left under your couch cushion for later use. You forget about those pennies, the pocket fillers, that don't mean shit. It is almost an annoyance, too many pennies, I've even thrown pennies away before, just fuck Pennies.
But then, all that sparkle and shine turns to black, because it is mirage, and it was black the entire time..

Faced with the question, "what are you doing after highschool"
I don't fucking know.

Something inside is telling me to move as far away as possible, so I can make a name for myself and to start new. If I have this chance, why not take it? Should I conform, follow everyone I know, to the city that has taken our hearts by storm, the classic city with the comfort of the lake and the buildings and lights, Oh, Milwaukee, you warm our hearts, but fuck you.

Do I belong in the North, do I belong far away? A place I have never called Home before, somewhere Brand New, (new is my middle name) I love adventure and the running satisfaction I continue to get after meeting new people and conquering new places.

Basically, I am lost with what to do. I have time to figure it out.


I fret about things I shouldn't need to fret about. Seventeen, no worries, easy job, easy school work, living the dream.