Nov 24, 2013



Nov 23, 2011


fuck you and fuck you stupid fucking faggots stupid fucking friends from high school fuck off you never meant shit two faced sluts fucking bitches, fucking idiots, fucking stupid boys, I hate everybody and everything I hate myself I hate FEELINGS I hate being sad before holidays I hate coming home, I want to go far the fuck away. I FUCKING HATE EVERYTHING

What the fuck.

Home at last. Home, it feels fine. It feels different. It feels...weird. So many memories I have made here for the past 17 years of my life. And lately, things don't seem to be making me happy. I have forgotten what it feels like to have butterflies, I forgot about having a crush or two, and real friends, a true blue group of amigos that I can be myself around. Every step I take is in a direction where it leads to a wall, so I am stepping in circles only leading to dead ends and nails in the wall. What the fuck? Fuck everything, fuck everybody, fuck myself. Life is such hell, life is so unknown, yet we pretend we know what the fuck is going on. NEGATIVE outlook right now on everything. when I am such a positive person......it's just like....what the fuck is next? Bland boring people resorting to their old ways never learning making me feel stupid like shit never moving never connecting frayed wires tied in to knots. I am watching you, and I feel like a fucking rock in a river slowly eroding from you and your bullshit life.

Writing this has made me realize that I am just trying to make myself feel better in all honesty and this is horrible. I usually get what I want, and the thing that I want the most I can't have and never had. I can only enjoy when he decides to come and step in to my life, and when he goes I am the only one that gets sad. Hate, hate hate hate hate. fuck you.

Jul 28, 2011

Here I Am

in all my holiness, standing before you. I will never be the same as I am currently. I never was the same after my first acid trip standing before a stage feeling like I was five years old. Bright colours bright sounds reflecting on to my skin, as I breathed it all in, a sense of contentment endured over me. That experience was all I needed to see a greater meaning in my life. How far I've come. Eighteen years ago, I was nothing but an infant, crawling, with no goals, no ways of speaking, no ambitions, I was spectating the world. Eighteen years later, here I am. I am alive, I am engulfed with love with music with life with new possibilities. It seems so rare to me, this feeling of happiness. I must cherish it while it's still here. So many new horizons in the next six months, and how beautiful would it be to see a new one every day? Taking on risks and chances and bold moves gets me where I need to be. My self dignity has never escalated so high. I am proud of myself. I know where I want to go in the future. So many things and people and reasons around me why I should be happy and why I should keep pushing on. The fact that I want to become a photojournalist, and cover stories all around the world, with expensive equipment to capture stories of real life people, the people that fucking matter. The old, the poor, the salty, the beautiful. Everyone is beautiful. The fact that I have an aching bones to get out of my town. To meet more splendor people that will impact me. Impact. the best thing. The fact that the world's beautiful and I want to travel, see it all with my own pupils before the day I die. The fact that all my family never saw it. The close mindedness, the judgement, the expectations- it's all dead to me. The fact I want to have a child someday, and I know I will be the greatest mother giving them love and life and opportunity and respect. The fact that I want to experience culture, all the aspects of all the different cultures, rich in traditions. It's all so beautiful to me. The fact that at the moment I like a boy from a completely different continent, telling me anywhere I go, I can find love anywhere. There is a soul mate out there waiting for me. Some day I will meet a man that is going to sweep me off my feet and we will click like two puzzle pieces finally meeting. The fact that my mother never lived her life to the fullest-due to running away from problems and choice. I forgive her, but at the same time my heart is black. Sorrow. I want to get swept away an fulfill my dreams and my ambition is high like the mountains and I am ready to climb foot by foot, higher and higher, to get to the top, and stare at the sun sky clouds towns people, all below me, above me. And there I will stand, proud, tall, smiling, center of the universe.

I think I can do it.
I know I can.
So, cheers to life and love and being happy with oneself.

That's all.

Jul 1, 2011


feeling down, feeling a bit lost. I can't control my mood or thoughts. I'm trapped under the ice. Screaming out for someone real. For someone to love me. For me to love myself. It's not working, my lungs can't handle the screaming. My breaths grow short. The effort dwindles. So this is it? This is all I've got surrounding me? Fake people, people I've grown apart from, people that don't establish connections with me. And this is why I hate myself most of the time, no one wants me no one wants to get to know no one cares. So, maybe I need to start caring? Is that a solution? Not sure. I just cannot stand this infinity of helplessness anymore. Who, what, am I? Why?

Jun 29, 2011

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Untitled, a photo by sarahrosephotography on Flickr.



First of all I'm fucking crying and I'm fucking angry. At this point in my life, I feel so dismembered....where did I go? Where did my motivations run too? My grandparents, I never see them....my mom.....never see her......I'm a piece of shit and I cannot do this anymore. I can't let myself believe I don't deserve a good life. I can't let myself believe I can't be loved. I don't get why my mind works this way, why I must feel suffering. Is it because of my potential, the potential buried under my skin that seems to be lost? I can't take this anymore. I don't know what to do with myself. My brain never stops mutilating every decision/course of action that I do. I'm in disgust. At this moment, I can honestly say I hate myself.


standing in the sun but I feel so cold.
all I know is I wish I had somebody to hold.
I'm icy like last December,
all I can do is remember.
I feel like I'm four,
watching my mom walk right out the door,
shivering in this heat,
I feel like I've been beat.
the ice is running thin,
cracking, about to break with every sin.
When I look up,
I ask God, "Do you even give a fuck?"
because I want the cold to go away
I want to enjoy this sunny day
but I just can't

Dec 3, 2010

Free Spirit, Evil Spirit

So here I am, got my hat on with my hair tucked in, away from my face. Friday night, almost midnight, alone. Thought, after thought, after thought. ..

All these faces over the years, they come and they go. I am dented with their impact. I am stronger with their scars they left me with. I am smarter with the lies they had told. I wish I was wise, I wish I had knowledge, but change keeps knockin' on my door, would you leave what you have now for something that sparkles and shines, with a little gold and silver, and your pennies would be left under your couch cushion for later use. You forget about those pennies, the pocket fillers, that don't mean shit. It is almost an annoyance, too many pennies, I've even thrown pennies away before, just fuck Pennies.
But then, all that sparkle and shine turns to black, because it is mirage, and it was black the entire time..

Faced with the question, "what are you doing after highschool"
I don't fucking know.

Something inside is telling me to move as far away as possible, so I can make a name for myself and to start new. If I have this chance, why not take it? Should I conform, follow everyone I know, to the city that has taken our hearts by storm, the classic city with the comfort of the lake and the buildings and lights, Oh, Milwaukee, you warm our hearts, but fuck you.

Do I belong in the North, do I belong far away? A place I have never called Home before, somewhere Brand New, (new is my middle name) I love adventure and the running satisfaction I continue to get after meeting new people and conquering new places.

Basically, I am lost with what to do. I have time to figure it out.


I fret about things I shouldn't need to fret about. Seventeen, no worries, easy job, easy school work, living the dream.

Aug 17, 2010

Each day never ceases to amaze me.
There is always something different and new that lies ahead. I am always learning and that's what life is, a constant lesson that never stops. I am so aware of everything, even when I am in a daze. It is going to be hard saying goodbye to people these next few weeks as they progress and enter adulthood, but then again, I will be too, it won't be easy, change is always something a little hard to get used to but that's all that my life is, one big cycle of change. But I am not complaining, I love everything that everyone has given me, the chance to be their friend and share experiences with them, that is all I could ask for. I cannot hold on to anything forever, my grip becomes loose and I slowly fall into a new level, and then I can stand my ground again, getting used to a new feeling and new things. Life ain't easy, but I can always say I am thankful for what I got.

New year, its going to bring so many new things, and I am smiling from ear to ear, and my hearts pumping, and my head is clear, so Here We Go, Its on