Mar 27, 2009

Hey, I'm Writing

~Come to me.
I am sick of searching, and I am sick of being let down. I count on these people, but there not counting back. I spit, 'One, two, three, four' they give me back, 'Six, twelve, nine, five'. Its not what I want, you aren't listening to me. My ears are wide open for your words. My mouth seems glued shut sometimes. But my eyes are wide with voice. So much has been on my mind, I seem to get lost in it all. I feel like its time to make changes, but I always say that. I have to sort you, filter, and retreive what I want.
You say do what makes you happy. But, for some reason, I don't know how to do that. I make myself happy, but then the people around me are unsatisfied. To see the ones I care about in an upset state of mind, it triggers me to do something. I can't do as I please if you are not going to be happy about it. I am too scared to take such a big step for myself, to finally branch out.
Bonds last forever, no matter how many new friends you gain or lose, no matter how many mistakes were made, or words said or actions taken place. I want old bonds back. I want them to see me as how I was, and how I am. Its not cool, take a glance at me now and think of how I changed. Truth is, I haven't changed one bit. I miss these old friends, I wish my old mind set, and my goals.

I want to be independent with or without you. I want to strive to be the person I want to be. I am lost, the world passes at me so fast, what should I grab for? What is it, what is it that I really want?

Mar 24, 2009

Mar 16, 2009

Mar 7, 2009


Eh, I want to: I need to
its not healthy, but just let me.

Rainy day, in South Milwaukee, watching the television
over and over and over again with my grandmother
sitting inside in pajamas, in the bedroom, in this dark room

Spring is Here, finally, summer right around the corner,
I am so stoked for this summer, truly.

the list
1. Road trip (anywhere, really)
2. Wisconsin Dells
3. Summerfest (of course)
4. Six Flags
5. Warped tour..??
6. Ocean?

And so much more, more more more more more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am happy, sitting inside, on this rainy day :]
leaving soon to see slumdog millionaire, still have to shower,
lazy days R goood

Mar 1, 2009

them sun dayz

They are completely relaxing and make me apathetic.
It is like a flat line all thru the day. I suppose there is nothing wrong with that though. Sometimes you need it, and seclusion..

Weeks are going to pass, and spring is going to inch nearer and nearer.
The sun is playing tricks on us as we look out the window and see it shining, but as soon as we take a step outside, we shiver again.

--On another note, I hope that feeling comes back again, I like when I get that. You know what I am talking about, but you don't, really. It is nice, like writing in your room on a Sunday morning. Some day you will feel it. Oh, I am so tired on the inside, and exhausted. Sleep is coming early tonight and school is a joke to me.