Aug 3, 2009

the chills

At such a high point in my life right now,
I am feeling so low and hurt.

I should be happy, I finally feel like I found myself.
Figured out who I am and what I want to be right now.
But, for some odd reason, there is this thickening drape of being discontent wrapping around me...

Is it because I want something that I will never have? Or I think the thought of old friends and old memories is haunting me again. (THE PAST THE PAST THE PAST)

-It won't ever leave. Why is this bugging me now?

Right now, I have my life on track, I'm independent, I am trying.
I want something more though.
I need to take life slow, I think I am just getting to caught up with everything.

Now, now
Good bye online blog

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