Sep 13, 2009

can't fall asleep just yet

kinda of hungry, kind of tired, kind of happy
Shit, I have to get up at 6:20 am tomorrow...


I thought a lot this weekend, I do that when I'm in South Milwaukee.
I thought about relationships, how the man needs a woman to call his own like a piece of property and the woman needs a man to protect her and feel inferior to...

Thought long and hard about it all.
It's basically bullshit.
Well, some of it.

I can understand the indescribable feelings we encounter sometimes but its too much to wrap my head around and try to understand the need and want and wishing we all do. How we flashback and get stuck in the past and get temporary sad feelings, when we know we can trek right on through it..
How we want someone by our side so badly we forget the person we are. When trying to find someone becomes the main goal that someone needs to achieve when that person can find you.
When people fall in to a state of depression because they can't get what they want, because they've lost themselves to themselves...........

my late night thinking gets me nowhere.
Do I eat something?
if I eat something then I can't fall asleep.
Should I eat something?
nah, I'm going to bed soon I think

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