Sep 7, 2009

I fall

here it is.

Completely distracted by nothing but wanting someone genuine
I can't focus or think anymore
I'm falling in to a state of mind that is nothing
What I'm trying to acheive doesn't matter anymore.
I need someone by my side.
I am sick of these cheesy lines and people that mean nothing
but regrets and false friends
I need you here some one like me, worth my time,
someone I don't have to avoid being myself around
I want it to all fall in to place,
but as it is,
I am falling as well
just as my father
I need it here like a habit, and the only thing
that once was, has been gone for too long
How can I concentrate without running back to my wishful thinking
things like this never happen for me
wallow in the sorrow pops, I'm with you on that boat

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