Oct 30, 2009


My writing has gone to shit, I guess internet blogging doesn't thrill me as much as pens and paper do.

.I am looking for my creativity again and hoping I find it somewhere in my bones, and that lack of time isn't a complication for me.
.Really Proud of who I am and really Proud of my friends
.Pumped on my life, excited for my future.
.Happy I am finally earning the money That I have been yearning for so long..
.I feel distant from my Father and Mother, but I think it's okay
.Just wanting a good time, going with the flow of things, everything is fine
.I am not a hopeless anymore, I think I am content with my status, for now
.The past is something I rarely think about, I am just looking in to the future, Constantly
.Life is so good to me, I love these Autumn months
.I don't mind working On Halloween
.I don't mind anything.

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