Oct 1, 2009


Fear or water, fear of darkness, fears and more fears
The ultimate fear: Lonliness.

>We all feel it, even if you deny it. It comes at night when your by yourself sitting in your bed. Your lazy to turn off the light, your lazy to write it off, it comes and your eyes see it. You don't want to, you don't have to, but you do..
>It wraps your mind, intertwines a mix of emotions. It shows you your best and worst, it shows you all you've lost. You forget all you've gained, your to selfish to see.
>You want it all back, how it was. You want people back. You want 'them' back.
>You want 'him' back.

All you can see is one image, one picture, of how you are alone. That there is nobody to hold on to, nobody worth it. There is nobody that can make you feel good. There is no one genuine. You are alone, you are in solitude, you are all by yourself. Forever..

This is what I'm afraid of. This is what I feel. This is how I see. This is what is going to happen. This is now. This is later. I want to save myself, I can't feel lonely. I can't.
There is more than what it was/ what it is.

Take a breath. In. Out.
You are not alone.
You will not be alone forever.
This is temporary.
Your filling up with empty spaces.
You are fine.
You are filling up with lost feelings.
You are fine.
It's gone now.

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