Oct 18, 2009


Just as I always do, it must have hit me again on the car ride home. The sun created a back light on my surrounding caused it all to turn black, and I thought maybe I have a chance, so I drove to the lake. I walked to the shore and looked to the west and there were bits and pieces of the sun still shining and reflecting on the waters. I thought I became lost, but seeing this may have helped find me....

its almost all over I keep telling myself. I tell myself its going to be alright, you have yourself, you're fine. the undisputed advice from others never leaves me questioning them, but questioning only myself on why i seem to torture myself with thoughts that can break me. it is almost done.

its like a bird in a cage. the birds trapped for so long you'd think it would go mad, so when you finally let it free, it does. but, going mad isn't terrible, actually i think its worth it. now, that cage is the only thing blocking me at this point, i know i can let myself out if i really wanted too. its time for me to exit, and get fucking free

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