Dec 17, 2009


Well, too be honest, not all of them....

Only the ones between 16-19,
the ones that have cute smiles and attractive eyes. The boys
that aren't afraid to be themselves, and the ones that don't care
what others think. The boys that aren't afraid, and the ones
that don't need substances to survive (or maybe they do), the sober
loving ones that love living life high too, the boy that enjoys a midsummer
day swimming, or who doesn't pressure me in to jumping off the diving board
because I hate it, or makes me unplug my nose when I dip under the water.
A boy who will come shopping and keep me company in my gas guzzling SUV,
who can listen to my problems that I keep to myself, that I can tell stories too,
and vent to about my past. A boy thats not awkward all the time, but only in the
right moments. Just a boy that can pay for me when needed, someone thats not cynical
but selfless, a boy that knows who he is. A boy that is genuine, that would
enjoy being anywhere, doing anything, whenever, with me. A boy that would love me
over anyone else (besides his mother/father/brother/sister), a boy that could lay in
my bed and fall asleep to Electric President, or The Early November with me. A boy
that is humble, and clever, and sophisticated, someone who cares for himself, someone standoffish, someone sarcastic, and someone that loves..

Is that all to much to ask for, I have a lot in there.

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