Dec 12, 2009

the wavee~~~~~~~~

The wave of youth passes over me, and I stand in a room filled with people older than myself.

I have a fear of what comes next, and what is in store for me. All I really do is enjoy my time now, that's all you really should do, just be happy.

I feel so at ease right about now because I'm less of a stranger to myself, because I know my limit, and I know there is no rush right now. Just a bond of singers and dancers and dreamers in one room together with the stench of alcohol almost like it's pouring through the sound waves that are emitting from the mic. It's a sense of unity, it's a sense of originality, and everyone is a different person, everyone has a different story.

Now, my story I know all too well, day after day do I remember my story and grow tired and sick trying to remember things and play them in my head over and over again. I think it's time to say I am truly ready to meet someone with their own story, someone I could listen to, someone that can give me inspiration, and someone I can trust/confide in..

Like I said, I'm in no rush, because it will all come together as my life unfolds.

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