Dec 21, 2009


So I heard a man say,
"I don't think you NEED someone to be happy, you gotta learn to be happy on your own, and then find someone that fits perfectly in to the equation"

well, it wasn't exactly what he said...but along those lines.
I AGREE with this statement with all due respect,
because of the fact that so many people become attached to another,
they becomes there floppy, annoying, limbs dangling there..
But, I think you should HAVE someone there to make you happy and
someone you can count on to love, to be a crutch when times are rough,
and to experience the new horizons with.

But, needing and wanting are two different things..
You got to learn to love yourself, isolated and alone and a wreck, before you can
love someone else.

Sorry if this relates to you, sorry if this is harsh, but its so true.
It really is.

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