Jan 10, 2010


i know i can do whatever as i please. i know i can take a walk out the front door in the moonlight. i know i can text my lost friends. i know i can draw all night. i know i can sleep until i cannot breathe because dreaming is the only thing that remains a mystery anymore. Its quite fascinating, isn't it? My life seems boring. Work, eat, sleep, school, work, sleep, eat, sleep, eat. I need mystery in my life, I need a motivational tool and a way to keep my energy rolling as I feel like a dead weight to myself and everyone around me. I feel a little lost, but when I feel like this, I end up verifying myself in a different way when its all over with. I hate that I'm not smart sometimes, and I cannot pay attention to what I am doing. I dislike a nagging authority powering over me like some giant making sure I follow some damn stupid rules about rules about nothing. My life is playing a monotonous tune and the only oust basically would be to find a p.i.c. (partner in crime) and that sounds lame, but I wouldn't mind having a wonderful guy friend there for me, I personally would love if I had some of that in my life again.

january 051

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