Jan 28, 2010


Love, something that falls, something you don't learn to do, it just hits you in the heart like a stab, someone you can grow old with, a person you can confide in, a person you're not scared to spend the rest of your life with, someone who thinks you are beautiful inside and outside, someone that puts you first rather then anything and anyone else.

A spiritual bond, a physical, and mental bond, tieing two very different lives together in a knot, in a forever relationship of everlasting emotion and connection.

You think you're in love, then it happens. You feel you don't need that person anymore. You don't think you need it. You're independent. You want to be on your own. You get rejected. You get humiliated. You are on your Own, you aren't happy, really, you aren't..

Sometimes we all just want someone to find and someone to hold on to. Someone that fits in our lives perfectly like a puzzle, someone we'd find in a movie, or the lyric of our favorite song, but it never happens.

So there we sit, crying, holding our faces in our hands, tears dripping onto our pillows, feeling lost, Again, feeling alone, feeling distant from everybody. But, Listen to me, Listen up,

You are NOT alone. You WILL fall in love. Your love will sustain throughout your entire life. You need to take chances, and be risky, and stop forcing yourself to be perfect and stop forcing yourself to love the way another person lives. Stop trying to make things work, stop trying, it wasn't meant to be. You need someone that you love, you need somebody that can share new experiences with you, someone that sees you for all you are, rather then Sex, rather then a Friend, there is more, so much more to love than that.

A connection, let it find you.


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