Feb 25, 2010

[You Would Think...]

I would be utterly and completely hurt from an injury. Something that would take time to heal and patch up, it would stay bruised for a long while, until finally it healed but that scar would still remain. But, for some odd reason, when that fall happened, I picked myself up so high I swear it was an epiphany, And I wasn't mad that it happened. I couldn't believe How strong I was and how much courage I had, to be okay after something like that. It makes me feel amazing knowing I can be okay on my own and know that I am learning so much as the days go.

On a different note, I am anxious, my stomach hurts, I am antsy, I am nervous. For tomorrow night. What could happen! What if I look terrible! What if this is my only chance! What if I am just a paranoid over analyzing freak of nature that needs to mellow the fuck out!

I need to calmly talk myself down, and I need a good sleep I think I am just over exhausted...

GoodNight America

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