Jun 2, 2010


First off, I am done giving a fuck fuck fuck. There is so much going on in my fucking life right now. I am fucking sixteen years old. My Mother is fucking dead, my father is fucking dead. Everything they get handed, they are never fucking satisfied. I can't be them. I get tossed the fuck out, I get lost, I am at the lowest low. I am underneath all of you at this point. I can't fucking stand any of you, don't fucking care anymore, grow the fuck up stop talking about me stop acting like you're better than me I don't give a fuck if you don't like the life I live, if you don't get any gain from me, than throw me on the fucking side of the road like everyone else has, I find what I want, I do what I fucking want, and so be it. Fuck off and fucking die, fuck you. All these fucking companionships I have made over these fucking years, everyone fucking sucks, fuck fuck fuck you. Don't fuck with my business, don't even fuck with me, I have had it up to here, up to the fucking sky with people's fucking bullshit, fuck you and fuck you. I am sixteen going on twenty five. Everyones fucking shit piled on me, my mothers fucking life shattered to fucking pieces at this point, my fathers fucking bullshit, my friends fucking immaturity, everything is surrounding me at this point and I am backed into a fucking corner putting my guard up, kicking you fucking out if you're going to never trust me, if you're not going to look in to my fucking soul and you're not going to see ME, for ME, and you're going to act like I don't matter, that all there is IS YOU, and you're going to assume the slightest little thing about me, fuck off, I don't give a fuck anymore.

Everything I do, the way that I am, its all because of the way I have grown up, its the way I have become. So fuck them all, the ones who have left me, the ones who are fucked up, the ones who don't have any genuinity in them. I have a past, I have now, and I got the future. My mind is fucking set. So fuck off if you're not going to have any GAIN, if you're fucked up, get the fuck out.

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