Jun 23, 2010

Tell me what you're runnin from

Just the parents in my life that seem meaningless that seem like they are just THERE, not individuals I connect with, I say I love them cos they are my parents, thats it thats all, right?
I got a boy in my line of sight that never seems to leave. I seem him times here and there, I light up every time I do, I get a little nervous, and I get a big smile. I want to make something of it still I keep telling myself, still. A brother pawned in to my fathers job, a brother that is missing out on the summer with friends working all the time, almost every day. Friends that satisfy me here and there, and new faces sprinkled in the routine, it keeps me happy, it keeps me sane. Everyone seems to block themselves, we all escape from reality in a certain way, to escape the routines our lives have, to escape the youth we really have, to escape the thought of death someday, and to leave our past behind. But, a past is what creates a person, the lessons they learn, it makes them who they are as the future progresses, and past is a beautiful thing. To hear words from men and women with years of life they have had seems inspiring, also I am inspired to create a life of my own, to prove to myself I am of worth and to prove I can be happy, unlike most I know. Its the summer of 2010, I am sixteen, turning seventeen in exactly one month, one month, I don't know what my future is going to bring, but I am bright shining life and inspiration on everyone and I know I can achieve what I am looking for.

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