Jan 3, 2009


Absolutely no where to go.

I am cold and I am tired and I am lonely.
Wish I could find someone for me, wish they would come knocking at my door. I screw up every chance and make mistakes left and right. I am not asking for perfection, but I just wish I understood what I wanted and where I am supposed to go.

Nothing is ever good enough and when it is, it is gone in a matter of time. I conclude I live alone in solitude because I can't accept your opinions. I need a change but changing is too difficult. I try and try and try and I stay in the same place.

Day by day, my mind processes nothing but my selfish opinions and what a waste of time everything is. I want someone to find me and realize I am worth their time. I wish I didn't have this built up anger and animosity towards everyone, but this image of perfection is in my head. I need to start from scratch.

Desperation is a difficult emotion and a bad position to put yourself in, but when you look and try so hard and don't get where you need to go, you want just about anything.

I just want comfort, companion, and love. That is all I am asking for. Come find me.

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HaleyFM said...

You think way too deep for a 15 year old. Just let life work it's wonders. Sit back and let it go it's way. I promise you wont find love at such a young age, your brain isn't even fully developed.

Just wait it out, don't worry about it.