Feb 25, 2009

give me an amen,

your on the same page as me, I bet you are.
The page that is blank, the page that wants to be turned,
the page that lost its words...

I want to be a new page. I want lots of words. I can turn, I can tear, I can become an airplane, I want to become a swan, or how about a box, or make me a fan. I want all of this, and it is all here.

I have the materials, I have me, so now it is time to put these words in to action (which never results in how I would really want it to.)

I guess I just wish I had that power. To change completely in to what I would like. No one is holding us back, we do as we wish. It is our brain, and lungs, and liver, and hearts. Shouldn't we do as we please? What makes us happy?

So that is what I strive to do. Or, striving.

On another note, how about them envious people? Like, per say, Me?
It is a horrible thing, to be jealous. I can be all I can be, so I wouldn't have to be jealous. But, there is always that one thing that is holding us back from it all, and you can never get a hint of what it really is because it is too close to count and to little to matter. But, some days I feel like I found it. Found out what really makes me have that envious taste in my mouth, and it is because I wish too much. I wish for all the world, I wish for the past and for people, and wishing doesn't do anything. You have got to do something to do it. And that may be the answer to my quest of the roots of my envy. But, who all really knows, you know? I can live I can breathe I can speak without this all weighing me down. And I know I can, it has always been alive within me.

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