Feb 19, 2009

on and on and on

When will truly learn the lesson and when will the failing end?
We follow our hearts and never seem to do what our conscious tells us too
I remember when I followed myself, and it seems my mind takes control these days, over analyzing everything, past, present, future.
Where did the moment go, please tell me where it went.
Too caught up in everything that doesn't revolve anymore, too much time spent on things that never exist, it is like I'm here but pieces are lost, forever
But when will the pieces rebuild? Is this something I must do myself? Pick it all up again from the beginning. 'Time runs through our veins' It is the only thing I seem to know. But when will people know when to stop. Stop running back to the same old things that never work, that never do them any good, all the negatives seem to rise up above the positives, but yet, we run back to it all. It is habitual, it is us, we are fleeing from our minds, following the only path we know. Someday, it has got to stop. Someday, it will stop, but just try, try from within and you can do it. Wish we were kids again, doing nothing but taking it all in, life changing choices didn't exist, our minds seemed underdeveloped, and our faces seemed so pleasant. If only we stayed the same throughout life and made the decisions that would prove us to be the strong people we want to be

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