Aug 21, 2009


In this Life, I will meet so many people. Children, mothers, daughters, sons, fathers, cousins, kids like me. I wonder though, how many will I connect with, and will truly stay by my side. I'm growing each day and realizing your only going to have a handful of people in your life that don't suck, that are awesome, that are there when you need them. I know, times can be tough, but they are the ones who stick with you, or they are the ones who understand your situation, who have been where you have been, and they are the ones I love, so much. I am not going to put up with kids that aren't worth my time that I don't get a long with, who don't mean shit to me. There gone, out, in a second.

that's right.
Friends, they are the fucking foundation of my life.

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