Aug 21, 2009


"Tonight I'm gonna take a test to grow up. So I'm sorry for the things I've done to everyone.It's not your face I can't tell. But I try to be this way. It's my own."
"I sink into the wall, and staring up i saw I'm alone in all my thoughts,too afraid to be crazy i run. It always finds me driving right through town, With the windows down i fly. Its the feeling spring has brought, but an eye for the winter's what i got. It always finds me...

So tonight,when i left here,
All i said was goodbye and that's alright,
No "I'll see you later", I've been trying my whole life,
And if its an eye for an eye why cant I get this right,
I'm too slow to go fast,
I'm too nervous to do that,
So I run, run away why should I...

I take my chances slow. After all it's no one's fault, but the pain seems to crave my life. So ashamed of my weakness I lie. It always finds me..."
"Time goes by, and we watch our lives, as they're sadly slipping away. Alone, we cry."

An Oak Tree Stands Beside A Linden - I Can Make A Mess Like Nobodys Business
"Now walk through the door, the same one you came in, so we can go back, to how things used to be."

All day long,
these songs shape me

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