Aug 9, 2009

It doesn't make me.

I have thought about it, this entire day...
that, those who leave my side for the most unnecessary reasons, can go as they please

My life is going to be full of people that come and go. But, when people are fighting their own battles and seem to get caught up in mine as well; how does that even give them a right to leave? I need to know what I'm doing, I don't need to know your business. But, to judge a friend and willingly leave on something that has nothing to do with being a roadblock on a friendship is the worst thing a friend can do. So, I would be fine with whoever wants to take that step, the one right out the door.

What you do is what you do. When we have a history and I care for you, I am not going to judge you for something that's not worth my care and leave on selfish terms.

It's not fair, no ones perfect, I'm not trying to hurt anyone, I'm just making choices and creating opportunities for myself.

I have absolutely no need for people who do not believe in me as a person, to belong in my life.

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