Sep 28, 2009


- What are you attempting to do with your life?

I know you are dividing in to two, sometimes three, ripping yourself to shreds. You are in one direction changing pace, then headed towards the other.
I stand and watch you, I await it, I know that it is coming
I know I see you, I know you see me
I wonder if I am ripping in to shreds,
I am not
I feel whole. I feel steady. I feel good. I don't feel anything.
I don't feel anything..

I don't think I want to, I think I am scared
I think I am 'scarred'
I think I am lost, I think I was lost, then I think I found myself
I found myself. Here I am. There you are. Here we are.
I think I'm okay, I am okay, my attempts are pathetic,
why do I try. Why do I search for all that is new.
Old is dust, it is rust, it is gone like the wind
New cannot be seen, it is future
when will this come...

my writing is tough to follow,
I think I would only know what I am trying to say
....In to WORDS you can UNDERSTAND:
i'm alright, I really am, but my mind is making me look back in the shadow

Sup douchebags, stop trying

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