Sep 27, 2009


I woke up at the sun was shining through my blinds. It was the feeling I used to get when summer was around. That I slept in. I sat up, I felt dead. I felt like I was still dreaming. I walked on to the porch, it was bright. The wind felt good, it was warm, it was fall, the leaves were slowly falling. My head still sort of hurts, but I feel no obligations today, I don't feel any worry. There is nothing to worry about. I am not anxious, not nervous, not doubting, not caring, not expecting anything. It's just I am finally realizing what it is all about. It's about you and me, about just being yourself, take it or leave it. It's about confidence, it's not about fitting in to the perfect scheme and riding with the majority on the bandwagon. I finally feel like I'm producing something with results, not trying to steal the song title, but in actuality I feel like this. It feels good.

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