Oct 10, 2009


I LOVE MY FRIENDS, I LOVE MY MISTAKES AND BAGGAGE, I LOVE MY BAD HABITS, I LOVE WHO I AM, I LOVE WHERE I AM, I LOVE EVERYTHING, The Hangovers and The pain and The laughs and The bruises and The paranoia and The want, I LOVE IT ALL, I LOVE the Tears and The Vulnerability and The Learning and The Moment, I LOVE THIS LIFE OF MINE

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ChelseaMarie said...

I have to swallow my own pride, every time i apologize to someone, every time i make a mistake.

That is where I am weak, in life, that is where I am learning at the current moment.

Stay happy, stay fulfilled, as long as you can, it's so beautiful to be so greatful, and make it last.

life's good.
miss ya sarah.