Nov 28, 2009


I looked at myself, and I see where I'm from, what I am, and why I am like this. I see my eyes, nose, chin, cheeks, lashes, teeth, now I understood who I am..

I see my Mother in me, shamelessly hoarding and begging off of you, and so vulnerable of pain and hurt. I see a bit of brutal honesty and a little craziness that you won't understand. I see the smoke gliding through my teeth and I see the tears beginning to form because of my regrets, Just as She.

I see my Father in me, becoming a robot stone cold and slightly nonchalant about everything. I see a boy that is ready to take risks and I see a slash of isolation because I shouldn't care about the pointless things in my life. There are the goals that rise within me, but there is also the mistakes that I have made, Just as Him.

I see my Brother, my blood, running through my veins. I see something genuine, and something true, just as tears that have been held in for so long. I see Hope and I see someone that is naive at the same time. I see sickness and I see carefree . I also see Independence, just as He.

And then I turn to the Mirror, and I see myself. The Flaws, the Beauty, the Ugly, and The Truth, all right there posted across my face. I see who I am, why I am who I am, and I smile. I smile because Only I know why I have come to be this, and only I know that someday I can share this with someone willing to see me and understand me and love me for the way I am.

The way I have come to be

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