Nov 22, 2009

Time To Open My Eyes

I know now what not to do and I know that I am able to actually feel emotion, for the first time was last night, because people are SO powerful with words and actions and generosity, sober or drunk..

I know not to put myself out there unless I am completely comfortable with that idea. I know that isolation is a key conduct of life to regain and recollect yourself as you lose it from time to time. I know that I am a vulnerable person, so its time to be Strong, and not listen to people that aren't going to matter to me in a year from now. I don't need to be attacked, I need to be my own person and do what I love because doing what you love is more important than anything. You must always come first.
Things that I encounter are somewhat of a joke to me sometimes. The way people mix their lives up and blame you, or say your the problem, or you need to change, well Listen up, I don't need to change a thing to satisfy anybody but myself, and I am so ready and willing to become Positive and to love my life.

-I have been negative for far too long
-I have been dependent for quite some time
-My insecurities overwhelm me
-My past haunts me
-My lungs are going to shrivel
-My bank account is running low
-My room [life], is completely cluttered
-My [close] friends are distasteful
-My choices lack what I actually want to do
-My body language sends all the wrong signals

time to draw the lines, change these, do whatever it takes to be satisfied for once


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Luke said...

that was fuckin legit sarah. i'll totally relate myself to and back up everything you just said. A+