Feb 1, 2010

ALL I KNOW (pt. One)

Really, all I know, is, people walk in and out of my life as the years pass.
Every year, I meet new people, some interesting and some not so much.
I lose the people that I thought mattered so much to me at a specific time.
Do I believe in the saying "Everything happens for a reason"?
To be honest, Yes, I do. There are some damn good reasons I have pulled away from so many influences in my life. To the people that got my in to drugs, the people that showed me conformity is a wasteland, that multiple sex-ing experiences deteriorates such a once loved person, the people that bring their insecurities out on you only to doubt your every move and the way you look...

All these people once in my life seemed to peel away as if I were in the center of it all, and I have to go through all of this to finally find myself and finally trust in my soul.

Its so hard though when everything that tears a human relationship apart happens. It seems like the end of the world. I see the faces that affected my life every day, I wonder how they're doing, if maybe things could be different now, maybe we're different now?

The answer is No. And I know this all to well. I know that people never change the way they are, they never learn there fucking lessons, and you can't trust someone you have lost trust within. And it sucks, it sucks to be in that sort of position where you Know you screwed up, and/or You are ready to make amends with everyone you have tussled with, But Fuck, No one cares Right? No one will ever step up and save something that meant everything to them, you only see that in movies, because people Never change in real life,

People NEVER fucking change.

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