Feb 2, 2010


So, your in a room filled with different people, some you're close to and some you barely even know...and then a roaring crowd comes together in Unity and you forget about what and who you knew as you all came together...Well, I love that feeling,

High school is way to segregate into different groups separated by morals and lives and goals. Its ridiculous how it all works, because we are all the same people...but, things work a certain way and you have to know How to work it..

I just gotta live right now and work with my youth, I don't care about being immature, I am 16, High school Alpha Dogs and Bitches mean nothing to me other then a Name's way of being at the top of the food chain and I am not even apart of that chain, I am like my own separate thing, my own separate little thing I think

I am just nothing I guess

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