Mar 9, 2010

To you Boy,

Your a piece of shit, you are under the rock, you are the soil I step on that mushes between my bare feet in summer, you are nothing to me anymore, you are something I don't recognize any longer. You blend in with the crowd because you have changed to be like them. These past few years all seem to have faded away. Now, Life is so quicker and faster, and I am loving it. Experiencing new things everyday and new ideas. Dealing with new faces and creating relationships. It all takes me my mind off of something so silly as a boy I used to know so long ago. Its been great to realize how big of a piece of shit you are. It has taken me a while to finally bring that closure to my life because I have always left it open thinking there could be a chance, another shot at what could be, but everything happened for a reason and you are not meant to be in my life, every time you come around you ruin me. I am over it. I have been over it. I don't need a ghost in my presence any longer and I think it is finally time to burn these bridges I have, and to store away all the letters and writings in my room, and to never look at the pictures of us again. You don't belong in my life.

with sincerity,
sarah r. nelson


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