Mar 14, 2010


it was a slow weekend with long days and long hours of rest. it was a productive sunday getting myself to clean my room hang some pictures see my mother do some laundry go to work and hold that stupid sign and talk to my lovely coworkers. it was seven thirty and the sun was just going down. i was driving home alone and in the rearview was a thin line of light sky and it made my heart jump thinking of how close summer was and how fast i am growing up. lately it feels like everything has been falling in to place and i keep telling myself to not be overwhelmed and to take things as they come. its okay to think of your past but i know now it is impossible to relive it. so each day is a new struggle to free my mind and cherish the moments i am given.

its like i am growing rapidly like a field of dandelions. i never stop, will never stop, and the self realization of it is all so apparent. but, i wonder if your blind eyes can see this too?

i think i am okay if you don't. i think one day, you will.

sarah r nelson

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