Jun 6, 2010

So much Anger, but I am on a cloud, flying high

I look at you in disgust, you are nothing to me, you are lower than me, you are not my friend, I give you no respect. You do not believe in me, you swore I will be going nowhere with my life, you think I cannot acheive greatness and you were my so called best friend. You are a hypocrite, you are nothing, you are a self centered little girl losing herself. You don't know where you stand and your words make no sense no matter how much you think you are right. You will never prove another point to me because I will never back down. So much for all these years, I always knew you would be left in the dirt, after all the times you chased the same boys after me, after all the times you tried to lead me, to try and be the alpha dog, to try and always be right over me, to try and be better, because your ego blasts higher than the roof. I can honestly say I have more respect for your Father, the man who has dealt with you for seventeen years, and still loves you. Props to him.

I am fine if you were wondering, I am okay with all of this, its been a build up, and to finally cut the strings that had been weighing me down with you on the end of them is amazing. No more looking at you trying to make you feel wanted or like you were the best in the room, I have a print of you, I am keeping it, to always remember you, you look vulnerable looking in to the sky, and you are, your a vulnerable little girl and I am not scared of you.

Respect goes both ways. You talk like that and I am straight out of the damn picture.

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