Jul 19, 2010


sometimes I get a little impatient looking at all these good things in the lives of others, and sometimes I feel a little abandoned. I wonder why I don't get what I want when I feel so deserving, sometimes I fall flat on my face. And then sometimes I pick myself right up and I put a smile on and laugh. There's gaps in my life, where the sadness and desertion fit perfectly in, and I always tell myself it's going to be okay. Cause I am young, and I know there is always something that is going to be new, something to pull me through.

I wished for the past nights that I wouldn't be so lonely that I wouldn't be so cold that I wouldn't be so disconnected, but a wish never comes true unless you act upon it. I am done, sick and tired, for waiting for it to appear on my doorstep, an action is all it takes. A necessary spark is lurking somewhere in the future of my life, in this life I call my own, and its buried somewhere and all I have to do is find it, and light it.

I can't stay hopeless, I can't. I have the drive I need I have ambition that won't ever die, because when I set my mind to something, I will try my hardest to make it happen.

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