Jan 20, 2010


*my toes dug in the sand and the moonlight shone on the cool, clear, water that came crashing in on the shore. Up above, the stars were scattered and they peppered the sky. I felt free on that shore. I felt welcome. I sat up and jumped feet first in to the raging wave with my nose plugged. I sat underwater for a moment staring at my flowing hair and my palm held out in front on my face. I observed the cracks in it and the wrinkles, formed when I was just a baby, when I was just an innocent child. I remember sucking on my thumb. I looked up, and the skylight shined on my face and I closed my eyes seeing myself for the first time. Seeing the years, and the person, beneath this skin.
At this point I pushed the sand with my feet dashing up, gasping for a breath of air. I looked around. There was no one, there was no voices, no swimmers, no nothing. I smiled as I pushed my hair out of my face, and I went on.*

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